The Bunad Shop

One of the best parts of visiting Norway for me is seeing all the craft everywhere. Wood carving, metal work, glass work, painting, drawing, knitting, weaving, crochet, sprange, etc., etc. The appreciation survives and is being renewed. The “old” way began to disintegrate in the late 1800’s and before it was entirely gone, a group was formed to save the traditions. Today, the results of this work can be found in most medium-sized and larger cities. They are the Husfliden stores. There are also small shops catering to the crafts, such as Almankås, the one we visited last week in Bø.

Here are some close ups of the work they do and the yarn they use:

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FullSizeRenderIt was so special to go to a shop where there were people actually working by hand with needle and thread. Applique, buttonholes, intricate pleating, embroidery and such. You could tell that these women do it for love. It is more than just a job. Arnhild showed them a band I wove for her using sewing thread–a miniature of the center piece of her bunad belt. The shop ladies gathered around and wanted to feel it. They then pronounced that I would be just fine weaving my brikkeband (card weaving in Norwegian). Made me feel good. At left is a photo of my band and below photos of their working space in the shop. Working here would be almost as good as working at the museum.

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