Norway 2016: Welcome to Oslo

I have a long tradition of writing of my adventures while traveling. I have done it on many trips, with my first being when I was in high school and an exchange student in Greece. Of course, then it was called keeping a diary and the only pictures were created with words. Being able to blog and have photos included is really quite a huge leap forward.

The air travel was smooth “sailing” except for suitcase separation anxiety. Love being selected for TSA Pre-Screening. Makes the trip so much more pleasant to begin with shoes on and carry ons packed.


This photo was taken as we began our descent into Amsterdam. A field of windmills in the sea. It rather looks like a watery cemetery. Wonder how the sea critters like it?

Arnhild met me at the airport and we drove to her daughter’s and got caught up–visiting, knitting, chasing down the lost suitcase and before I knew it it was bedtime (even tho’ it was still full daylight!).

Our first adventure was a short train trip to Oslo via train for lunch at the Library Room at The Bistro. Simply lovely. What is there not to like about a shrimp sandwich made with shrimp caught fresh from the harbor? Follow it with a Napoleon and, well, a little bit of heaven on earth. Our sightseeing took us to the Husfliden Bunader store that has “the real thing” when it comes to fabric, thread, silver, shoes, bands and more. Handwoven belts, such as the one on the mannequin above were available for purchase, as well as the apron belt band hanging under the belt. Lovely.

We were also anticipating to go to a performance of the King’s Drill Team, of which Arnhild’s grandson is a member, but it was raining. So, we returned home, a little soggy, but well-fed!

3 thoughts on “Norway 2016: Welcome to Oslo

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your holiday with pictures and also your weaving. Arne and Carlos [you tube] famous knitters live in Norway. They do knitting trips with Hurtigruden. When I knit in the round, I always add an extra stitch, which I knit together at the end of the round. I am also a weaver and also made braids. I want to try to do Krogbragd on my inkle loom. any tips?
    All the best. Maj-Brit


    1. Thank you. The Hurtigruten is an amazing way to see the coast of Norway. There are many ways to make that join in the round. That is a good one. For the inkle, I recommend a larger sized inkle loom so you have enough space to manipulate threads. Long Thread Media ( just released a video we made on doing turned krokbragd on the inkle that you may find helpful. There isn’t much in print about it. Enjoy exploring!


    2. I posted a video to my YouTube site about weaving Krokbragd on the inkle (search on Joan Sheridan on YouTube). I also did a video on the technique for Long Thread Media. You can purchase it on their website


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