Sauder Village Fiber Festival

Being a history lover with deep farm roots, teaching (and vending) at this venue is a dream come true. A weekend of tractors, trains and fiber? That’s special! Learn about these and other activities at the Sauder page here. Classes are on September 30 and October 1. The 2016 Festival dates are October 1 and 2.

As for my part, I will be teaching two different kinds of entry-level weaving: inkle (band) weaving and weaving on the rigid heddle loom. Click here to sign up for one of my classes or from any of the others with well-known teachers Amy Tyler, Susan Cayton, Carol Larsen or Kate Larson.


In my rigid heddle class we will make a fall table topper that I think is quite festive. We will use a simple worsted weight yarn and add recycled wool leaves as decoration. I think the braided fringe looks a bit like dried corn or braided wheat. Students will learn how to warp this portable little loom and how to weave, but may have some off-loom homework.


Then, on Saturday, my students will learn how to warp and weave bands using an inkle loom. Most inkle looms are small and portable. This loom intimidated me for many years and then I took a one day class and I haven’t looked back since. I love simple plain weave bands, but it is also fun to push the boundaries of all the possibilities in weaving bands. Their history is long. Bands are as functional and useful today as they were in year’s gone by. Modern uses include camera and luggage straps, hair bands and ties, trim for clothing, hat bands, and much more. In this class students learn how to weave plain weave and how to do pick up to create patterns such as the one shown on the loom in the photo above.

We will also be in the vendor hall. Clara is wo-manning the booth on Saturday and we will both be there on Sunday. We will be demonstrating weaving and sock cranking (on an antique/vintage machine). In addition to do-it-yourself items such as yarns and looms, we will also have Clara’s hand-crafted items for sale that include handwoven towels and scarves as well as socks from the antique machine.

Sauder Village is only a two-hour drive from our store in Lake Orion, MI to northwest Ohio. Come enjoy the activities and Village and be sure to stop by and say hello!

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